Sattler Inc has put together systems, facilities, tools, and an outstanding staff for the manufacture, assembly and testing of factory automation systems and sub-assemblies.  All jobs down to the details are evaluated for manufacturability, materials, processing, tolerances and function, against our engineering and manufacturing experience.  We recommend improvements whenever possible.

Assembly areas are covered by 10 and 20-ton cranes (18′ and 19′ under hook respectively).  The pristine areas have polished floors and excellent lighting.  Precision granite tables are used as an assembly base for tight tolerance work.

Sattler Inc can manufacture all required details and purchase commercial parts as required.  All details are checked-in and organized in a queuing area before final assembly begins.  Unique customer manufacturing and assembly specifications are followed for part marking, finishes, inspection reports, bolt torque, match marking, etc.

Wire, pipe (hydraulic and pneumatic), run-in, set-up, testing can all be provided.  Certification of large tools (such as automotive or aerospace sheet metal fixtures) can be accomplished with local service companies.

Examples of automation systems fixtures and sub-assemblies:

Assembly Pallets

A Sattler Inc specialty; the company is set-up ideally for pallet build.  We can manufacture prototypes, and assist with verifying and improving designs.  Production pallets from a few to hundreds are handled in the same professional manner.  CMM certification of pallet assemblies is the norm with comprehensive documentation for each pallet.  We have built thousands over 20-years!

Robot EOAT (End of Arm Tooling)

EOAT for material handling, multi gripper units, sealant or adhesive application, assembly, nut-running, deburr, welding, testing, with and without tool change (Robot drops off one EOAT and picks up another).  Sattler Inc can manufacture, assemble, set-up, and test complete.  We’ve built hundreds for handling tiny gears to 1,000 pound diesel engine blocks, for head assembly to water jet deburring.

Assembly and Test Stations

Sattler Inc can build complete to the engineering you provide.  Large machine bases are fabricated and machined by our partners, then brought in for paint, assembly and testing.  We have large assembly bays and additional facilities nearby.  Systems for assembly of engines, transmissions, axles,  part wash/dry and vacuum stations, part rollover, crank torque-to-turn (testing), leak testing, head-valve exercise stations, etc.

Work Holding Fixtures

Sattler Inc CNC machining background lends itself ideally to the design and manufacture of hydraulic, pneumatic and manual work holding fixtures for customers.  Production CNC machine shops benefit from our engineering, manufacture and practical experience in qualifying and holding difficult parts such as knuckle castings.  Casting qualification; work supports, air detects of good load, and optimal part processing to optimize production and use of CNC machining centers.