H8800-3Sattler Inc has generations of experience in precision CNC machining.
We can provide materials, or use customer provided castings, weldments, bar stock, etc.Sattler Inc Machine Shop

Detail Manufacture

Sattler Inc is capable of manufacturing almost any type details to customer supplied designs and specifications.  We stock a wide variety of materials, and are well equipped with CNC machines, fixtures, tooling and inspection equipment.  Sattler Inc has assembled a comprehensive network of suppliers for processes such as laser and waterjet cutting, heat treatments, and plating.  They expand and complete our capabilities.  Quality is continuously monitored, competitive bidding keeps prices lean.


A combination of CNC machining centers and manual machine tools enable us to handle individual details and prototypes, through production volumes of parts.  An inventory of quick set-up fixture components, thousands of tools and holders and offline programming provide flexibility and speed in processing work.
We are expert in the design & build of production work-holding fixtures for CNC machining centers.
For high volume production Sattler Inc combines CNC’s with “Pallet Changers”, production fixtures and 2 or 3 shift operations.  We are extremely agile in this regard.


Sattler Inc has an in-house weld shop with two certified welders.  We also utilize Detroit area fabrication shops for large and high quantity jobs at very competitive prices.


Sattler Inc can provide castings, forgings, and waterjet or laser cut blanks.  Our expertise in qualifying castings, weldments, forgings and other type blanks insures the highest yield of good parts from the materials we start with.

“Hot Rush” Jobs

An inventory of common materials; extensive amount of machine tools; expert machinists; and a determination to do what it takes to help customers has made this a valuable service.  Upon receipt of an inquiry, we verify “MMM” – Material, Man and Machine availability, and quickly respond to the customer, if the needs can be met (or not).  This has resulted in many customers releasing ‘Hot Rush’ work to Sattler Inc on a T&M basis (i.e. Confirm price after job is done).